Medical Marijuana Applications Now Being Accepted for Illinois

Medical Marijuana, Medical Cannabis

Medical Marijuana, Medical Cannabis

Illinois is currently underway accepting applications for patients who want to receive a medical marijuana prescription card. Patients whose last name starts with letters  A – L can apply now through October 31. Those patients who do not fall in that category and have a last name starting with M – Z will submit their applications after November 1.

In the process of receiving a medical marijuana card the patient will require to pay $150 a year to apply for a medical marijuana registry identification card. They also would obtain and pay for their own fingerprinting for an Illinois State Police background check. The fingerprinting would need to come from a licensed vendor of an inkless electronic fingerprinting system. This type of fingerprinting ranges from $30 to $60, and vary by vendor.

There is good news about these costs for patients receiving Social Security disability income. Patients that receive social security would pay a lower fee of $75 a year for the medical marijuana card registry  fees.

Also Caregivers of qualified patients can obtain their medical marijuana card. Caregiver that also apply for a card would pay $125 a year. A caregivers medical marijuana card allows them to obtain marijuana from a licensed dispensary on behalf of the patient under their care.


What about businesses seeking operational permits for medical marijuana?

Businesses looking to get started in medical marijuana must also fill out applications for permits. The time for submitting those applications is from September 8 through September 22.

Find out more information about Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program


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