History of Marijuana : Henry Rollins Digs Up Some Facts

History of Marijuana

History of Marijuana

I would be very interested to see this episode of 10 Things You Don’t Know About exploring the history of marijuana prohibition. I have recently done a bit of research myself about hemp and how the prohibition came to be. It was a shock to me that, at one time the government gave seeds to farmers and encourage them to grow because hemp was needed  for the war efforts. Now this hemp is not the stuff that will get you high but, got tied in all the same. Hemp has very low THC content, most often less than 1%.

Other interesting facts are; George Washington grew hemp on his farm, the first American flag was made from hemp,  and  the United States Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. I was astonished how useful and great hemp was yet went down in prohibition.  Check out some history of marijuana, you are sure to shock yourself about what has happened over the last century.

Henry Rollins Explores History of Marijuana Prohibition

“Punk rocker turned actor Henry Rollins sheds light on the racist origins of marijuana prohibition in the new season of 10 Things You Don’t Know About.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rollins discusses the interesting facts he’s learned as host of the H2 Network TV show that has him searching for uncommonly known historical facts and details about subjects such as marijuana prohibition, the Hoover Dam and the Civil Rights Movement.

“If marijuana is legal, then your kids will be imbibing in what those ‘jazz jigaboos’ used to get up to,” says Rollins, summing up the attitude behind Harry J. Anslinger’s 1930′s anti-marijuana campaign as the first commissioner of narcotics in America.

Rollins has no interest in smoking weed himself, but finds the history of marijuana and industrial hemp fascinating. While visiting destinations such as Denver’s Cannabis Cup, the host learns that hemp production used to be so common that it could be found in a Sears catalog. The host even visits America’s only government-funded grow house in Ole Miss, Mississippi.

The episode hasn’t premiered yet, but can be seen later this season Saturdays at 7 p.m. PT on the History Channel’s sister network, H2.”

Another great video is Magic Weed the History of Marijuana, below is episode 9/10. In this short clip from the documentary they explain a bit about the growth and cultivation of marijuana. All 10 video are good I recommend starting back at one and checking them all out.

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