Disc Golf Course Review – West Park in Rockdale, IL (Joliet, IL)

Tee 1 at West Park disc golf course in Rockdale, IL.

Tee 1 at West Park disc golf course in Rockdale, IL.

Welcome to another disc golf course review . Today we are reviewing West Park disc golf course located in Rockdale, IL (Also considered Joliet, IL) For this course you may be using your mid driver and putter disc to conquer this course. Most of the holes are 300 ft or less and there are 24 holes. This course could be quite the workout with all the up and down climbing you will be doing throughout the course. This course is one of my favorites, though it is really starting to show its age. This course was established in 1979 and is currently the oldest disc golf course still in operation. Please enjoy the following video as I describe the course in the following video.


Location: West Park in Rockdale, IL

West Park location on Google Maps

1st tee near corner of W Park Front St. and Ferris St

Joliet, IL 60436


Holes: 24

Par: 92

Tee type: No Pads

Basket type: Chainstar by DiscCraft

Course Length: 6202 ft

Alternate Length: 6685 ft

Hole Length: Under 300 ft: 21 | 300 – 400 ft: 2 | Over 400 ft: 1

Terrain: Very nice rolling terrain with ravines, cliffs, and creek that all come into play.

Extras On Site: Children’s playground near by (near holes 17-23), many park benches throughout, Pavilion (near holes 8 & 9), Permanent restroom structure (near holes 8 & 9)

Entry and parking: The sign for the park is near hole 18. The parking for disc golf play is near corner of W. Park Front St. and Ferris St, as is hole one. There is not a lot of parking available here. I believe there is enough room for about 10 cars. More parking available near pavilion and tennis court off Wheeler Street. You can probably get about 30 – 40 cars here.


Hole by Hole Description and Guide

Hole 1: par 4

Tall bench seat is a clear identifier for the first tee. You find yourself with dense trees and a cliff to your left. The area of play is some what clear with a tree here and there.

Transition to 2: Is pretty clear and marked.

Hole 2: Par 4

Another bench seat available here. One of my favorite throws. This throw is off a cliff and over the creek. Be careful getting down to the basket stairs are located to the left of the tee and brings you down to a concrete bridge.

Transition to 3: Pretty clear and marked.

Hole 3: Par 4

Mostly clear. There is a creek hazard to the right.

Transition to 4: Pretty clear and marked.

Hole 4: Par 4

This shot is nearly a straight throw, though the basket is kind of hidden behind some old dead trees.

Transition to 5: Follow paved road. Sign for tee 5 is attached high (7 ft) in a tree.

Hole 5: Par 4

For this throw you will be crossing the creek and the basket is on a small hill. Lot of roots protruding from the ground near basket.

Transition to 6: Cross over bridge. Tee is in a small opening in the trees across walking path.

Hole 6: Par 4

This is a straight shot with a slightly upward elevation change.

Transition to 7: To right of basket for hole 6.

Hole 7: Par 4

Another straight shot. Though the terrain raises halfway through your throw and goes down again.

Transition to 8: This one was a bit confusing. Proceed left through the covering of trees.

Hole 8: Par 4

Throw to clearing with a slight left curve.

Transition to 9: Walk back past tee for 8 and coarse starts moving in the other direction.

Hole 9:

Par 4 this would be a straight shot but, there are a few big trees blocking you passage.

Transition to 10: Go to your right from the basket. Follow path into woods and there are some steps in the dirt that will bring you down to the tee for 10.



Hole 10: Par 3

Throw out to left. A nice arc will around the brush and trees will do well here.

Transition to 11: Tee for 11 is to the right from basket 10, just behind a bush and half concrete wall.

Hole 11: Par 5

Clearing for throw. The trees give you a bit of a squeeze as you near the basket but, very wide open. Can be wet and mushy ground. Small creek hazard on left side.

Transition to 12: Cross over the creek and turn left before you reach basket 5.

Hole 12: Par 4

Rocky ground (watch your step) Basket is on hill. There does not appear to be any markings for the tee other than the sign itself.

Transition to 13: After basket make a left and proceed down the hill

Hole 13: Par 3

For this throw you will be throwing up hill, through a narrow passing in the trees.

Transition to 14: Make a left and head down the passage taking you down hill.

Hole 14: Par 3

For this shot you will be throwing on a bit of an uphill slope. There are a couple more than a few trees here looking to detour your disc.

Transition to 15: Next tee on right. Left passed the basket.

Hole 15: Par 4

There are a few boards in the ground marking the tee for this shot. It is shown as a pretty straight shot, though the trees approaching the basket will make it a bit difficult for you.

Transition to 16: Make a left after basket.

Hole 16: Par 4

Sign is off to right of the actual tee. You will be throwing through a cleared section of the trees and down hill. You will be able to see the basket easily but, getting there is a different story. Throwing over lots of trees and brush. It can be very easy to lose a disc here. I might suggest staying a bit to the left, as you will probably land really nice in a dirt clearing at bottom of hill. The basket is 5 feet from the public road, be cautious.

Transition to 17: Tee 17 can be easily missed. I had a bit of trouble noticing it. From basket 16 follow the road to right and the sign will be in the trees on the right.

Hole 17: Par 3

There is no tee marking the start of this throw just a sign. This throw is uphill and slightly to your right.

Transition to 18: Finding 18 is pretty easy.

Hole 18: Par 4

So finding the tee was easy. Knowing which basket to throw to is not so easy. Basket 13 is near this basket.

Transition to 19: Is pretty clear and marked.

Hole 19: Par 4

Cleared area with a few trees scattered about.

Transition to 20: Go right from the basket for 19.

Hole 20: Par 3

Near children’s park. A few trees in the area but, not so much in the way. There is a bench though and it is oddly placed near the drive path.

Transition to 21: Is pretty clear and marked.

Hole 21: Par 4

This is nearly wide open. Still playing near the children’s park.

Transition to 22: Is pretty clear and marked.

Hole 22: Par 5

For this throw the road is near, tree on the left. Nice fly by on tee 21. watch your height here there are some low hanging branches as you near the basket.

Transition to 23: Cross over the road to a bench. Tee for 23 is just beyond bench in woods.

Hole 23: Par 3

On this one you will be throwing over a fairly deep ravine with lots of brush and trees. The basket is on a higher elevation than the location you are teeing off from.

Transition to 24: make a left when leaving basket of 23.

Hole 24: Par 4

There is a concrete slab here marking the tee off. Slab is a bit cracked and has some metal straps protruding that have been bent over. Heavy brush on the left side. A nice curve to the left on this one around the brush.

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