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Disc Golf Course Review – Eagle Ridge in Oswego, IL

Welcome to J5 Boxes Eagle Ridge disc golf course review . Today I went disc golfing for the first time in my own city, Oswego, IL. I found this course to be very clean and well taken care of.  This is an 18 hole course with most of the holes being 300 ft or less and simple par 3s. After talking with some other locals I found out the biggest problem with this course can be the rough. The rough is made up primarily of prairie grass but, in the woods you may find poison ivy. I enjoyed the challenge but, tried to keep my discs in the safe zone. I am adding this course to my favorites list. I like the tee markers the most. The picture of the throw with a circle or arrow indicating where the basket is located was very helpful.  Please enjoy the following video as I describe the course in the following video.


Location: Eagle Ridge Disc Golf in Oswego, IL
5 Ashlawn Ave.
Oswego, IL 60543
United States

Holes: 18
Par: 55
Tee type: Concrete Pad
Basket type: DGA – Mach 3
Course Length: 4,925ft
Alternate Length: 5870ft
Hole Length: Under 300ft: 13 | 300 – 400ft: 5 | Over 400ft: 0

Terrain: Nice rolling terrain with woods through out course.

Extras Onsite: bullitin board, picnic tables, park benches and a practice basket. Pavilion near entry by childrens playground.

Entry and parking: Parking is on Ashlawn Ave near playground and pool. Walk down path on left side of playground across the tracks. Hole 1 is near bulletin board.

Hole 1: par 3 – 240 ft – This throw is very open and angled slightly to the right.
Transition to 2: Easy to see next tee ahead on left.
Hole 2: Par 3 – 225 ft – For this throw you will be throwing around some shrubs and bushes on your right. Basket is just past with a right hook into a clearing.
Transition to 3: Very simple to spot the next tee ahead.
Hole 3: Par 3 – 325 ft – A very nice straight throw. One tree but, easy to navigate around. Basket just over the berm.
Transition to 4: You should spot the next tee on you approach to for 3.
Hole 4: Par 4 – 345 ft – Nice tee here, directs you where to go. Throwing on downward slope. Many trees to put you down here. A pear tree about midway down. Grab a snack when they are in season. Many trees surround basket.
Transition to 5: Path to the left of basket of 4, back track a bit to find the tee for 5.
Hole 5: Par 3 – 240 ft – Throwing in the woods now. Not a long throw here but, has a sharp left hook at the end.
Transition to 6: Follow path to left of basket five and you find yourself at the tee for 6.
Hole 6: Par 3 – 275 ft – Throwing on downward slope through the trees. Good straight throw but, many tree to ding along the side lines.
Transition to 7: A short jog up the path to the left will lead you to 7’s tee.
Hole 7: Par 3 – 245 ft – Two methonds of approach here. There are trees all the way could be easy to misplace a disc here.
Transition to 8: Follow path to right of basket, passing by tee for 5. Tee is on the left.
Hole 8: Par 3 – 240 ft – There are a few trees here. You want to throw a just before the pine trees and make a sharp left to find the basket.
Transition to 9: Follow path on left down a worn in path to the tee for 9.
Hole 9: Par 3 – 220 ft – Throwing on upward slope out of the wooded area into the clearing. Basket is elevated.
Transition to 10: Turn around and follow path on left and you will find hole 10’s tee.

Hole 10: Par 3 – 235 ft – Passing through the rough and near the edge of some trees.
Transition to 11: Should notice on approach for 10 that the tee for 11 is to your left.
Hole 11: Par 3 – 285 ft – Throwing around some rough patches to the basket awaiting just inside the wooded area.
Transition to 12: Take path to the left of the basket for 11.
Hole 12: Par 3 – 250 ft – Throwing on downward slope. Fairly straight with a slight right trajectory at the end.
Transition to 13: back track a little bit and walk up the berm or stairs to find tee for 13.
Hole 13: Par 3 – 300 ft – Throwing through some trees on an upward slope. Hard right hook at the end.
Transition to 14: Head back from the basket of 13 and you will find the tee for 14 on the right.
Hole 14: Par 3 – 290 ft – A bit of bobbing and weaving here. Many trees are in your way with a little up and down elevation change.
Transition to 15: Pass of the berm on the right and you will find yourself in the clearing and near the tee for 15.
Hole 15: Par 3 – 300 ft – Nice clearing, fairly straight throw here.
Transition to 16: Make a right after basket 15 and 16’s tee is behind the bush.
Hole 16: Par 3 – 400 ft – Throwing on upward slope but, avoid the tree with low hanging branches. Basket is just beyond the berm
Transition to 17: Take a left after the basket but, stay right passing the two pro tees. Cross over the bike path and you will find yourself at tee for 17.
Hole 17: Par 3 – 230 ft – A short throw here with a hard left. Many tree to fumble you up here. Be careful.
Transition to 18: Follow path on the left and it will bring you out to the tee for 18 near the bike path.
Hole 18: Par 3 – 250 ft – Two methods of approach left or right. Basket is just after a large open clearing near a couple trees.

Course map from The Fox Valley Metro Disc Golf Club site.


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