Welcome to the J5 Boxes website.

J5 Boxes are a redesigned on the traditional dugout smoke box people have become accustomed. The tradition dugout box has a single dugout locate in top next to smoke bat with a spinning door to conceal it all.

J5 Boxes dugout box has compartment(s) located on the side and covered with a slide. The slide and smoke bat are then secured away using the spinning door.

J5 Boxes dugout smoke boxes are machined and hand crafted in the USA.

J5 Boxes is a veteran owned and operated company.

Our dugout smoke boxes are available in various styles and designs.

  • Tall boxes – For holding maximum volume of smoke medium with a 3 inch smoke bat.
  • Shorty boxes – Smaller compact dugout box with a 2 inch smoke bat.
  • Wood grains – Various wood grains from domestics and exotics species.
  • Clear Acrylics – Crystal clear for easy viewing of your levels as you go.
  • Colored Plastic – Offering many vibrant colors and designs.

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